Despite Postive Outlook, Sands’ Second Quarter Revenue Falls to 35% Because of Asian Market

It’s no secret that Macau and Singapore are two of the most viable gaming hubs available for establishing casinos. However, mere positivity can only get one so far as the Sands owner, Sheldon Adelson, was just discovering this week when his company had reported that their revenues were taking a hit this second quarter when their profits fell a steep thirty-five per cent, way below what their in-house management had expected when they started this year on a very bright outlook.

Some pokie analysts were quick to point out how a number of factors may have contributed to the decline in profits; according to Adelson, it was because of “lower hold” on table games and the unexpected shift of Singapore to impose stricter restrictions on the nation’s gaming policy.

However, other sourced were said to have claimed that it was also because of other unmitigated circumstances as to why things have fallen this low for the company: other than decreasing annual revenues at the flagship Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, some staff were also wary of the “abnormally high” frequency of winnings at the gaming tables in the Venetian Macau; from a 2.68 per cent rate in the last quarter, the figure has almost doubled to 4.36 per cent.

On the other hand, the company can’t exactly say that they didn’t know what hit them. As Gregg Klein, an analyst for Imperial Capital, had pointed out, “Macau growth is slowing down a little bit and there is increased competition.” He also pointed out that the latest project undertaken by the company, the Sands Cotai, “has taken longer to ramp up than anyone expected, including them."

As of this last trading week, the shareholders for the Sands were explicably wary of the whole news. Their share prices dropped to about 5.84 per cent—or about $2.19 in monetary value—and finally settling to a price of $35.32 a share.

Nevertheless, Adelson still remains bullish about their financial prospects for the rest of this year. “One quarter does not a trend make. Anybody who thinks that the cultural habits of the Asian people is changing because of ... one reduction in the hold, even though it amounted to over $100 million at the top line, anybody who thinks that this is a change of culture is just missing the boat,” he said to reporters after the announcement of the news.

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